What you need to know about chronic inflammation

Posted by FJ Leto on August 25, 2021

Dandelions are one of the top 6 herbs used in Chinese Herbal Medicine and it’s no wonder why.  Loaded with nutrients, these are one of the most powerful greens in the bunch.

Dandelion greens, both the leaves and the roots, have been used for medicinal purposes for thousands (yes, thousands!) of years.  The earliest recordings come from Ancient Egyptians who recognized the powerful health benefits this unassuming plant provides.  

For starters, dandelions are chalk full of vitamins.  Namely, Vitamins A, C, B1, B2, B6, K and E.  The leaves alone contain 7,000 units of vitamin A per ounce.  To give some perspective on that, a carrot contains 1,275 units per ounce.  

We mentioned Popeye because of his healthy love of spinach, but what Popeye must not have known is that Dandelion greens have more protein per serving!   In addition, with dandelion containing all essential amino acids, it’s also a complete protein with one cup providing a solid 1.5g.  

Dandelions aren’t only rich in vitamins, but minerals as well. High in calcium (more than kale!), they also contain iron, potassium, zinc and magnesium.  Most are familiar with calcium being an important factor in regards to bone strength, but calcium is also beneficial in lowering blood pressure. Just one cup of dandelions provides 103 mg of calcium!

The health benefits to dandelions are beyond what you can imagine.  Being an excellent liver cleanser, dandelion is fantastic for detoxing purposes.  It is also widely believed that the nutrients in dandelions may contribute to a reduction in the risk of cancer, multiple sclerosis, cataracts, age-related muscular degeneration and stroke.  The anti-inflammatory properties of dandelions are believed to help those with asthma and other inflammatory diseases.

Dandelions also have the third highest prebiotic content of any plant, provided a superfood for not only your body, but the trillions of bacteria that live inside it and keep you running in tip top shape.

So what is the takeaway? Eat dandelion greens! Put them in a salad, steam them, or of course, drink them in your juice!

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