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A Cure To The #1 Cause Of Mortality

Posted by FJ Leto on February 19, 2022

Many of us associate February with the heart, as the most romantic holiday of the year, Valentine’s Day, falls right in the middle of the month. However, February has another heart-related theme on the opposite side of the love spectrum, Heart Health Month, which spreads awareness about the #1 cause of death in the entire world, heart disease. 

Some fear cardiovascular disease, as they have witnessed many a family member pass on from this condition. Whether this describes you, or you are someone interested in living a long and healthy life, the next line is incredibly important to read:

Cardiovascular disease is not only preventable, it is reducible and reversible, regardless of genetics. 

How to Prevent, Reduce and Reverse Cardiovascular Disease

If you, or someone you know, has or is at risk of cardiovascular disease, you are likely to have been issued the generic lifestyle prescriptions to manage the condition by your doctor or cardiologist. These lifestyle prescriptions are things like:

  • Don’t smoke
  • Don’t drink (too much) alcohol
  • Avoid high cholesterol foods
  • Lose weight
  • Avoid high sodium foods
  • Exercise

While these are all valid and excellent recommendations, there is one lifestyle prescription that is usually left out of this collection, and this one thing has been shown to decrease your chance of cardiovascular disease by a whopping 52%!

The most dramatic way to descare chances of an adverse cardiac event is to eat a whole foods, plant based diet. 

*Don’t confuse this with a vegan diet necessarily. The most important part of this diet is the first half – whole foods. A diet high in processed plant foods does not have the same benefits, if any at all. 

Whole Foods, Plant Based Diet (WFPB) and Healing Cardiovascular Disease

People who eat a WFPB diet decrease their chances of an adverse cardiac event more than people who follow all the conventional lifestyle recommendations combined.

It is far and away the most effective way to prevent this condition. One study has even shown a massive decrease in risk for adverse cardiac events for those who already developed this condition and reversed its damage.

The reason why a WFPB diet is so powerful for heart health– it’s so multifaceted, it’s almost poetic. A WFPB diet is naturally:

  1. cholesterol-free, and concurrently, lowers cholesterol.
  2. anti-inflammatory, lowering pressure while removing plaque from arties.
  3. low in sodium.
  4. high in fiber and lower in calories, helping maintain a healthy weight while concurrently increasing nutrients.

It is the perfect antidote to stop cardiovascular disease in its tracks, while healing the damage at the very same time – how amazing is that?

If this were a pharmaceutical drug, it would surely win a Nobel Prize and be deemed a miracle. However, this is not a drug, it is even better, because we can pick up our remedies at the local grocery store, farmers market, or even grow them in our backyards.

Many people think cardiovascular is a disease most people eat and drink their way into, and I tend to agree. The good news about that is, science has shown it is a disease you can eat and drink your way out of as well. 

If you learned one thing during Heart Health Month, I hope it is that we don’t need a pharmaceutical breakthrough to reduce, if not eliminate, the #1 cause of death on the planet. We just need to eat more plants. 

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