The greatest wealth is health – Virgil

At Juice Dr., our story starts right here, in the hometown we all love – Philadelphia. Like all intrepid stories, ours has many twists and turns, but it begins with one all-consuming goal: the pursuit of health and wellness.

Our journey started when our founder, FJ Leto, a man who readily admits he – like many people – avoided vegetables at all costs, embarked on a quest to California after college to pursue his passion for education, nutrition and spiritual exploration.

Upon landing in Berkley and immersing himself in the local culture, FJ was amazed by the popularity of the seemingly ubiquitous juice bars offering juice not as a short term cleanse, but as an essential part of a well-balanced daily diet.

At first skeptical, FJ quickly became a rabid fan of raw organic juices, as he began to experience the powerful health benefits – increased energy and vitality, lack of appetite for processed foods – and it sparked the idea to bring the concept back to Philadelphia. However, like every great entrepreneur, FJ’s vision was to take the great things he’d learned and bring back something even better, wholly unique.

Juice Dr. is not a juice shop, we are an integrated health company.

Returning to Philadelphia in the fall of 2012, FJ didn’t set out to quickly launch a juice shop, rather he began the meticulous process of taking all that he had learned during his West Coast travels and complementing it with his studies of Whole Foods Plant-Based Nutrition through Cornell University’s online coursework. All the while, seeking advice and guidance from many of the leading voices in the raw, organic cold-pressed juice industry.

After years of tinkering, and many delicious taste testing sessions for his friends, Juice Dr.’s proprietary recipe was finally born! Realizing true health and wellness requires a holistic approach, Juice Dr. entered the market with a full suite of dietitians and nutritionists to offer customers an integrated approach to healthy living, all within a convenient subscription and delivery model to homes and offices across the Greater Philadelphia Area.

Today, sponsored by the University of Pennsylvania and Drexel University, Juice Dr. is one of the fastest-growing cold pressed juice, smoothie and raw food companies in the Philadelphia region, turning customers into loyal fans of the business. By offering absolute convenience through its on-demand delivery model, and utilizing a scientifically based three phase program to systematically change the body to crave more fruits and vegetables and less processed foods and low quality animal products, Juice Dr. is working with customers throughout the region – from juice novices to aficionados – to design nutritional juices to help them live healthier and happier lives.

Please feel free to check out our wonderful products at White Dog Café (three locations – be sure to taste our very own MockTail!) and HubBub Coffee Co. (three locations). We can’t wait for you try our juice – better yet, deliver them to your door!

Juice Dr. Highlights

Best team and people – recipes are chef created and nutritionist reviewed. We have been sponsored by Drexel and Penn, with Drexel’s nutritionist department collaborating on our recipes – a top 10 nutrition department in the country. We also have health coaches on staff that work with all our customers.

Best products – always 100% organic, raw, vegan. Unlike all other juices companies – we have a program. Where ever you are on your health journey, we have a juice for you and we build you up over time to improve your nutrition by incorporating more and more veggies into your diet.

Most Convenient: online ordering and home or office delivery.

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