How Does Turmeric Reduce Inflammation?

Posted by FJ Leto on August 26, 2021

Turmeric has become widely recognized as must-have dietary addition for those interested in the health and wellness.

This little, golden root has been used throughout the centuries as a miracle treatment for many of the most prevalent and damaging health conditions of the past, and modern day.

But how does it work?

We see terms like anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antiviral get tossed around on supplement bottles, but what does that actually mean in real life terms to those using this plant for medicinal purposes?

Chronic Inflammation and Turmeric

The main benefits turmeric is known and used for is chronic inflammation.

Though turmeric is full of antioxidants and other great nutrients and properties, there is no other plant that reduces inflammation quite like turmeric.

Now you may think that if you don’t experience achy joints, sore muscles or tight tendons you’re in the clear as far as inflammation goes. However, that may not be the case.

Inflammation is the root cause of the most debilitating and frustrating diseases of our time, including:

  • Cancer
  • Cardiovascular Disease
  • Arthritis
  • Alzheimer’s
  • Crohn’s Disease
  • Ulcerative Colitis
  • Irritable Bowel
  • Diabetes

…just to name a few.

These diseases are all “chronic”, meaning they develop and worsen slowly over time and usually go unnoticed until the condition reaches a critical stage.

The good news is, adding turmeric into your diet is a great way to prevent, reduce and even reverse some of these conditions.

Here is how it works.

How Turmeric Reduces Chronic Inflammation

Turmeric contains an active compound called curcumin. This compound not only gives turmeric its golden coloring, it, and the other curcuminoids found in turmeric, are the elements that possess the anti-inflammatory capabilities the root is known for.

Curcumin has been shown in numerous studies to inhibit, suppress and regulate inflammatory activity on a molecular level directly linked with reduction of many chronic disease symptoms.

The medicinal compounds in turmeric are incredibly molecularly complex. This complexity helps produce results equal or greater to pharmaceutical grade anti-inflammatory drug isolates, designed to target one component of inflammatory disease specifically, rather than the condition as a complex organism-wide issue.

Interestingly enough, though turmeric has been proven through thousands of studies as an effective treatment to inflammation, this little root still puzzles scientists on exactly how it does the trick.

We know it works, we know how many of the components works, we’re just not exactly sure how full spectrum of turmeric’s healing power and mystery get the job done quite yet.

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