Not All Juice Is Created Equal

Click the boxes to learn what truly makes a top quality juice.

1. Unprocessed

What Does It Mean?

Most juice is processed using high heat or extreme pressure to either burn or destroy all living bacteria in the food. This is done to protect you from harmful bacteria.

However, the bacteria in the juice is what actually makes you healthy. This bacteria create a homeostasis in the body. Bacteria is one of the most important reasons to drink juice, period.

2. Alive

What Does It Mean?

Because our juice is not processed with heat or pressure, the living bacteria in the food survives. These bacteria are commonly called prebiotics because they support life.

Eating living food creates a very strong immune and digestive system because the bacteria you consume in food actually reside in your gut. This is called your micro-biome.

3. Local

What Does It Mean?

Our juice is made right in Ardmore, Pennsylvania. We ship out our juice about with local driver after it has been pressed and deliver it to your door within just a few hours.

This means you are getting the freshest cold-pressed juice possible. Cold-pressed juice at the store can be on the shelf for up to a month. Plus, you are supporting a local business 🙂

4. Nutritionist Recommended

What Does It Mean?

Our juice is created, analyzed or tested by some of the top nutritionists in the country. Our Phases are designed to help even the healthiest people take one step further.

We are not aiming to throw a bunch of plants in a blender and sell it for $10. We have created a tool to help the Greater Philadelphia Area achieve optimal health.

5. Personal Delivery

What Does It Mean?

Minutes after our juice is pressed, it is bottled and packed into a cooler for delivery. We use local delivery drivers instead of UPS or Fedex to ensure the fastest, freshest deliveries.

This ensures that you get the absolute freshest cold pressed juice possible in Philadelphia. We deliver to homes and offices Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

6. Organic

What Does It Mean?

Our juice os 100% organic. This means all the produce we use comes from certified organic farmers, and is without harmful chemicals.

Though really any fresh vegetable juice is a great addition to almost any diet and health program, we feel that going the extra mile to get 100% organic produce is worth it.

7. Cold-Pressed

What Does It Mean?

Cold-pressed juice is very different from the type of juice you buy at a juice shop or make at home. Juice starts to die when it is exposed to light, heat or air, and cold pressing minimizes or eliminates all those things.

This can preserve up to 99% to the nutrients and living things in the juice, making a huge impact on health.

8. No Added Chemicals

What Does It Mean?

We do not add any chemicals, preservatives, additives or even extra water to our juice. It is 100% juice and nothing else.

Many companies add substances to their products to increase shelf live or alter flavor. Juice Dr. is not as concerned about high margins as it is creating the absolute best products for your health.