Plant Protein

Posted by FJ Leto on August 25, 2021

Whether a conscious thought or not, protein is often the center of such a meal with many believing that animal protein packs the most powerful, if not the only, punch.

Understanding that we’re all different and that our bodies react to food in a very personal way, it is still a good idea to give your body a break from animal protein at least once per week. Unlike plant based protein, animal protein is much harder to digest and therefore your body has to work harder to do so.

Replacing animal protein with a plant based source gives your body that much needed break and keeps you moving towards optimal health.

Ready to give plant based protein a try? No need to look far, these simple foods are easy to find, easy to cook and most importantly, are nutritional powerhouses.

Beans, Nuts and Seeds (such as hemp, flax, chia and sunflower), Lentils, Quinoa and Spirulina.

  • 18g of protein in 1 cup (cooked) Lentils
  • 16g of protein in 1 cup (cooked) Quinoa
  • 10g of protein in 3 tbsp of Hemp seeds
  • 4g of protein in 2 tbsp of Chia seeds
  • 8g of protein in 2 tbsp of Spirulina

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