Why Should I Cleanse? What Does It Actually Do?

Posted by FJ Leto on August 26, 2021
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Cleansing has become a popular mainstream topic recently, being touted as a miracle from movie stars and spiritual ascetics alike.

It has also been bashed by many a doctor, warning consumers to avoid the “scam” of cleansing, a process our bodies do naturally 24/7.

So which is it, miracle or marketing?

Well, it’s both.

There are 1000’s of different programs out there – some work for some people, some work for others, some don’t work at all. It’s impossible to make a blanket statement that they either all do, or do not work.

The safest cleanses that work during, and usually long after they end are what we like to call a “reboot”.

A reboot is a time where you eat only the most nutritious foods in order to reestablish a baseline in your body. Once the baseline is reached, you can experiment in creating your own. personalized optimal diet.

During this time, it is common to lose weight if you have weight to lose. It is also common to feel the effects of “detoxing” if you traditionally live a fairly toxic lifestyle.

Regardless of who you are and how you live, here are some effects you can expect while doing a proper lifestyle reboot.

Clean Body

The most obvious reason to do a cleanse or reboot is to clear out the body of unwanted materials and give it the energy it needs to repair and replace broken parts. When we do this, the body functions more efficiently which makes us feel great.

So what’s the deal with all these stuff we are apparently “detoxifying” while doing a cleanse?

Our liver and kidneys are the main centers of detoxification in the body, and they do work 24/7 on this task.

However, in just the last 50 years, humans have invented hundreds of thousands of chemicals that are constantly present in our surrounding environments, creating exponentially more work for our detoxification organs then we have traditionally had to handle.

Everywhere you go, everything you touch, breathe or ingest more than likely has 100’s of unnatural chemicals, and those chemicals enter your body. Once in the body, they are either transformed into something useful, eliminated, or stored in fat or mucus (often called mucoid plaque – Google it if you want to be thoroughly grossed out).

These compounds will remain in the body until the body has enough extra energy and the proper circumstances to eliminate them.

Taking part in a cleanse is an attempt to create that energy and those circumstances.

By removing processed food, alcohol and chemically altered food (non-organic animal and plant foods), we do two major things that aid in this process:

  1. We reduce the amount of toxins introduced into the body.
  2. We increase potential energy production by eating more nutrient dense foods.

Once the body has the right circumstances, it will naturally begin Phase 1 of the detoxification process, which is transforming the stored fat-soluble toxins into water soluble toxins so they can be eliminated from the body.

Phase 2 of the detoxification process is the attachment of these water soluble toxins to other water soluble substances.

During this process, we are releasing toxins freely into the body in order to be eliminated, so it is common to feel less than great during this phase. The good news is, you know it’s working!

Phase 3 is eliminating the toxins from the body via sweat, urine or the bowels.

If we rush into a cleanse too quickly, like just one day deciding only to drink juice with no preparation, we have a high chance of overloading the body during one of these phases, which physically feels horrible and can actually be dangerous to your health.

If we transform toxins more quickly than enzymes can bind them to water soluble substances, they can remain in the liver and do damage. If we release them into the body more quickly than we can eliminate them, they will be reabsorbed or make us feel sick.

If we ease in to a cleanse by thinking about it as a reboot and listen to our bodies, chances are it will be safe and effective.

Clear Mind

As we learned, many toxins are fat-soluble, meaning they are stored in fat cells to protect our bodies until they can be eliminated.

Guess what the fattiest organ is the body is? Here’s a hint, you are consciously using it right now.

The brain is about 60% fat – great for thinking, and unfortunately also for storing toxins.

When we start to detoxify, it is common to get a little brain fog or some headaches as the process begins. It is also common to feel more clear and focused than ever after then process has ended.

Beyond the physical alternations in your brain, learning a new way of life is a positive challenge for your mind. Rebooting is as much for your mind as it is for your body.

It forces you to take an activity most people do on autopilot 3 – 6 times per day (eating) and actually become aware of it again. You learn to taste new foods, prepare new recipes and pay attention to what makes you feel great.

During a cleanse, take it as an opportunity to set a positive goal and achieve it.

Use it as a time to reflect and get clear on your priorities in life. Get clear on your goals, health obviously being one of them, and set some intentions on how your are going to reach them after the program is over.

If done properly, the mental effects of a reboot can be more powerful than the physical effects, promoting a long lasting, positive and sustainable change to everyday life.

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